Bluegrass Country Labradoodles Guardian Program

We allow our breeder dogs to live in loving homes through a guardian program

Bluegrass Country Labradoodles Guardian Program

Guarding Homes allow local families to get the “pick of the litter” of quality bred puppies, that will be their forever dog, while still participating in our breeding program. Bluegrass Country Labradoodles retains the right to breed the dogs for a predetermined amount of time or a predetermined number of litters.

We want our breeder dogs to live in a loving family environment and guardian homes are the best way to give them all the love and attention that they deserve.

The first 12-14 months you are responsible for just loving and socializing your puppy and making it an intricate part of your family.

Around 9-12 months of age, the females will have their first heat cycle. You will be asked to contact us when this occurs.

    • The heat cycle usually lasts around 14-21 days and will typically occur every 6-8 months.
    • We require you to let us know when your female goes into heat each time.
    • When she is ready, she will come to us to breed (usually 1 week) and then be returned to you until 1-2 weeks prior to her due date.
    • We want her to feel comfortable in our home in anticipation of her puppies. She will have her puppies with us and will stay here until her puppies are weaned (typically at 6-7 weeks of age).
    • Once the puppies are weaned, your female will then be returned to you. The amount of litters that your female will have will depend on the health and wellbeing of her and her puppies. Their health is of utmost importance to us.
    • Once the breeding cycle is over, she will be spayed and you will have full ownership.


For males, we will contact you prior to needing them back for mating. They usually stay with us 1-2 weeks for this.

Requirement for being a Guardian

  • Live within an hour of Williamsburg
  • Get required vaccinations
  • Keep properly groomed
  • Provide a high quality diet
  • Follow Guardian commitments in the contract
  • Contact Breeder immediately when female goes into cycle
  • Have other dogs in the home spayed or neutered
  • Provide lots of love